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A High Threat / High Net Worth Close Protection Specialist. A Combatives & Tactics Instructor. A Professional Athlete.  An Actor and Television Personality.  And, an Elite Fitness Trainer to athletes of all levels, including MLB and Professional Soccer.  Welcome, to the non-stop, exciting world that belongs to Benjamin “Benny” Glossop!

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Actor / Stunts – The FAVORITE movie.   Role, “TANK”.

Certified Personal Trainer – AMFPT

Certified Strength & Conditioning Trainer – AMFSC

Certified CrossFit Kettlebell Coach – CrossFit

Certified Kettlesport Master Trainer – AKSA

Professional Athlete – MMA, Kickboxing

Elite Athlete – Olympic Taekwondo (Olympic Qualifier Athlete, 2000), Triathlon, Running

Television Host – XPTV Sports (MMA, Extreme Sports) Over 300 shows, appearances, and voice overs – world wide.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – 2nd Degree Black Belt

Muay Thai – 28 years experience: Coach / Fighter

American Kickboxing – 5th Degree Black Belt, Master Instructor, Pro Fighter

Taekwondo – 3rd Degree Black Belt

UFC GYM – Head Coach: BJJ, Muay Thai & MMA

Lead Combatives Instructor, Active Shooter Consultant, Home Defense, Vehicle CQB & Mobility, Weapons Based Combatives:  Battleline Tactical and Threat Management Solutions

Owner: Integrated Combatives Group (ICG) & Glossop Fighting Systems (GFS) – specializing in Integrated Combatives, Tactics & Tactical Medicine / Stop The Bleed.

Close Protection Specialist | Executive Protection: High Net Worth, High Threat, Risk Management, Consulting.





Athlete | TV | Tactical