In 2018, Benny established ICG and its Integrated Combatives & Tactics training platform.  Through ICG  Benny and other experienced tactical instructors and operators work with LEO agencies, SWAT / SRT Teams, Security Contractors and responsible CWP carrying citizens.  Training includes, but is not limited to, CQB, In-Fight Weapons Access, Weapons Retention, Active Shooter Response, Vehicle CQB, Vehicle Mobility, Home Defense, etc.



Benny is the Lead Combatives Instructor for TMS / Askari Tactical.  Both were founded by Dave “Boon” Benton who is one of the SECRET SOLDIERS OF BENGHAZI and is the subject of the book and feature film, 13 Hours.  TMS / AT is committed to providing the most realistic and relevant threat management solutions for our students personal needs. Educating you to manage your individual  threat, by leveraging our relationship with other well established training providers in the industry . We are unique in our diverse network of accomplished vetted Instructors that bring a realistic training approach to our courses for our students.



Battleline Tactical is a mobile training team (MTT) that hosts training events all over the country for Individuals, Law Enforcement, Fundraisers, Team Building For Corporations, Security, DOD, and OGA ranging from Low Signature Counter- Terrorism to CQB. Battleline Tactical’s Lead Instructor is Kris “Tanto” Paronto who has been a firearms and tactical instructor for many years.  Tanto is one of the SECRET SOLDIERS OF BENGHAZI and is the subject of the book and feature film, 13 Hours.

Benny is the former Lead Combatives Instructor for Battleline Tactical (2017-2022) and has over 17 years of tactical training with Dave “Boon” Benton and other vetted tactical instructors.  That combined with his extensive martial arts and Professional fighting career has allowed to him to take on this role as LCI for the team.



Benny is a Personal Protection Specialist working in the fields of Executive Protection, Private Security, Consulting, and more with details that include but are not limited to personal protection and group security endeavors, consulting in the areas of active shooter prevention and response, vehicle defense and close quarters combat and tactics.


Benny is a retired Firefighter and ERT of 8 years.  Before moving to Florida he was a firefighter for two different communities in Illinois:  Virginia Fire Dept and the Shabbona Fire Protection District.  Along with being a Firefighter, Benny was also a certified Emergency Rescue Technician (ERT): Extrication Specialist, and an Emergency Response Team member.  As a contract security specialist and with maintaining his training and medical certifications, Benny is still a first responder today.


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